Mandarina Monday – Halloween

Hello Little Tangerines! Welcome to another Mandarina Monday!

Halloween is just around the corner and the entire internet is permeated with the eagerness to scare everyone, eat candy and have fun.

Here at Mandarina Games are looking forward to our first spooky holiday, making tangerine jack o’lantern and tangerine flavored sweets!

Usually on the 31th, here in Catalonia we celebrate “La Castanyada”, a day where we gather around bonfires and roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes and pay our respects to the deceased during the night before All Saints.

Yeah… it sounds a bit boring, but it is a nice and quiet holiday, and nobody says we cannot mix it up a bit with the fun of Halloween, now cannot we?

And speaking of Halloween, what animal is iconic of this holiday?

That’s right, cats!

Just like our Chunky Cat, which is getting a new update this week and will have two new incorporations to the cast.

Say hello to Katty and Bobbo, and have fun playing to collect them!

See you next Monday!

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