Mandarina Monday – Chunky Cats update

Hello Little Tangerines!

Welcome to another Mandarina Monday!

Here we are, another week, another fantastic tale of our gamedev adventures.

Keeping up with the Chunky Cat news, remember you can already download the latest version for Android and iOS devices.

Yesterday was the deadline for the Chunky Cat character design contest, and we have to say: we are really happy with all of your crazy ideas! Now we will deliberate which designs we like better to include in the game.

On the next update, we will include three new cats. One of them is Insomer, the ninja cat we showed you on the last update.

The contest was for our users to choose the other two new cats, but there was almost a consensus asking for a unicorn cat, so that one will go in the game for sure.

Therefore, we have decided to pick three proposals, design them, and then let you choose which one will be the third cat to appear.

We will keep you updated, tangerines!

See you next Monday!

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