Mandarina Monday – Chunky Cat Contest

Hello Little Tangerines!

Welcome to another Mandarina Monday!

A few days ago, on Thursday, we set up a little contest alongside Terafobia, a really cool vlogger from youtube we have the pleasure to know.

And you may ask, what is the contest about?

Well, it is the super cool chance to help decide new designs for Chunky Cat characters.

We have just released an update with two new playable cats, redesigned levels, and a continue option (as we mentioned on the last Mandarina Monday).

For the next update we want to add even more cats, and for that purpose we want to take advantage of your imagination and have you propose new cats for the game.

Just name your idea, either be Catzilla, an Egyptian hairless cat, or whatever floats your boat!

Just tweet @MandarinaGames using the #ChunkyCat hashtag with your proposal.

We will select the best ones and design them so you can pick which one you like best, and make it become a character to be remembered!

Since the contest started, we are getting a lot of really original and cool ideas that we are dying to use and we are really happy about it!

Just to give you an idea of how the new cats will look like, here you got a little cameo chat.

It is Insomer, a ninja cat designed by the company of the same name, and whom are sharing office with us in the same co-working space we recently moved into. They are awesome people, and since their logo is a cat, it just had to be done.

See you next Monday!

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