Mandarina Monday – Chunky Cat Contest: Second Stage

Hello Little Tangerines!

Welcome to another Mandarina Monday!

Our Chunky Cat contest keeps running, still on the look for the next cats to appear in the upcoming update.

It was a hard choice, but we got the three candidates for you to vote on which one will be in the game.

The three chosen designs are:

– Drakitten, adorable cat dragon.

– Sircattington III, distinguished Sir cat.

– Nibbler, bone-chilling zombie cat.

This second part of the contest is running in our Facebook page. You only gotta go to the post and click “like” on the design you like the best. Voting is open until Sunday 23th at 11PM (+1 GMT).

On Monday 24th we will announce the winner and start working on putting it on the game 😀

So far, competition has been fierce, the three proposals are doing really well, but we still got an entire week, and things can take a surprising turnaround at any time.

We are really happy with how the contest is being received by users; perhaps it feels like a modest level of participation for some, but to us, getting comments and proposals from everybody is really fun and important.

We value highly those five minutes that many of you have taken to get involved in our project.

Thank you all!

You want to participate? Click here!

See you next Monday!

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