Ludum Dare 32 Gathering – Games!

Hello mandarinas!

This weekend went by quite fast, as besides organizing a local gathering at Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya we also participated at the Ludum Dare ourselves. The event was a success considering it was the first time we organized it and an event of these characteristics was organized at all in the area.

Therefore we are proud to showcase the three games that were developed for the Ludum Dare Jam on our local real world gathering:

1. Trappy Trap
Play it here:

Trappy Trap

Trappy Trap

Developed by:
– Ramon (coder) @mramonlopez
– Xavi (coder) @xaviserrag
– Arnau (artist) @arnau555 & instagram: @nev_martin

2. Grandma’s Kittie Rescue
Play it here:

Grandma's Kittie Rescue

Grandma’s Kittie Rescue

Developed by:
– Esteban Gallardo (
– Carles Mach
– Dioni Sanchez
– Ezequiel Gomez

Play it here:



Developed by Mandarina Games Team:
– Alicia Ortiz (Art)
– Sergi Valls (Code)
– Joaquim Virgili (Levels)

Thanks to all the participants, we wish you all the best and look forward to having you again next time in August. Game on!!

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