About us

Mandarina Games was founded on May 2014 with the aim to create quality and engaging games.

Get to know the mandarinas behind the games:

  • Alicia Ortiz

    Alicia Ortiz – Co-Founder & Concept/2D Artist

    alicia [at] mandarinagames DOT com

    A geek through and through, Alicia is all about developing the lovely art for our games, be it cartoony animals or pixel art people. Her specialty is concept art and 2D, having also a good knack for storyboarding. You can easily tell she reads too many comics and plays too many games. If there was ever too many of those –pro tip: there is not.-

  • Natalia Ortiz

    Natalia Ortiz – Co-Founder & 2D/3D Artist

    natalia [at] mandarinagames DOT com

    Natalia is a versatile artist due to her curiosity and eagerness to learn new techniques. She takes care of drawing game graphics, both in 2D and 3D, from cute chunky cats to flying footballers.

  • Sergi Valls

    Sergi Valls – Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

    sergi [at] mandarinagames DOT com

    Sergi Valls always knew he was going to end up developing games and worked hard to achieve a high level in the field. He takes care of programming the games you love so much to play.

  • Joaquim Virgili

    Joaquim Virgili – Co-Founder & Business development

    joaquim [at] mandarinagames DOT com

    Joaquim is a passionate gamer who started developing games very early under the name jukimv1986. He takes care of the business side, from finance to marketing.